Sunday, September 9, 2007

China Voice Holding Corp (CHVC.PK) Stock Spam Email No. 2, "tick-chvc" Becomes "call-chvc"

The second China Voice Holding Corp (CHVC.PK) we have is from 3:10am eastern U.S. (Click this hyperlink for the first CHVC stock spam.) The format is exactly the same (except "tick-chvc" is now "call-chvc"), what was referred to earlier as a "lame attempt to appear familiar or friendly to the recipient, but mistakenly so, in order to -- sort of like an indirect stock tip. Type CHVC into Yahoo Finance and you'll learn it is actually a pink sheets traded stock (.pk suffix)."

from: Simon Donnellye
subject: buddy

hey mate Pearl
stcks poised to explode,
See all the volume, GET IN


This time, instead of "tick" before chvc, it says "call"-chvc.

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