Saturday, September 8, 2007

China Voice Holding Corp (CHVC.PK) Stock Spam Email

A stock spam email related to China Voice Holding Corp. (CHVC.PK) was received Saturday at 10:15am eastern USA. Here are some details -->

subject: hey

buddy Salvador

This one will skyrocket,
get in on the fun


This spam for China Voice Holding (CHVC.PK) is a lame attempt to appear familiar or friendly to the recipient, but mistakenly so, in order to tempt the recipient to buy shares of CHVC.PK -- sort of like an indirect stock tip. Type CHVC into Yahoo Finance and you'll learn it is actually a pink sheets traded stock (.pk suffix).

China Voice Holding Corp. (CHVC.PK) gained $0.02, 4.0% to $0.52 on Friday, volume of shares traded was 5,000 compared to 27,195.1 3m average. It is interesting there was not much activity. Hard to pump-and-dump unless the perpetrators are expecting a big jump and either have bought shares previously or are small players with only several thousand shares.

China Voice Holding (CHVC.PK) is described as a provider of telecommunications services primarily in the People's Republic of China and the United States. Yahoo Finance says China Voice is headquartered in Dallas, TX. However, China Voice Holding's website (also has a domain at: says it is headquartered in South Florida.

There is the following message at the bottom of its Investor Relations' website:

China Voice Holding Corporation trades Over-the-Counter and is listed in the Pink Sheets under the symbol "CHVC". Upon obtaining audits of prior fiscal years, the Company plans to file a Form 10 with the Securities & Exchange Commission ("SEC") to become a full-reporting company in 2007 at which time it will apply for a listing on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market or the AMEX exchange. Prior to the filing of periodic reports to the SEC, the Company is providing publicly-available financial statements and other current information at the website. has a warning sign: "Yield: Limited Information", associated with China Voice Holding Corp. (CHVC.PK).


Anonymous said...

Just got this text message, details were a little different. I don't know what they're expecting, I can't imagine people are actually going to invest off of this...

Anonymous said...

got a weird one

yo Rex
stcks poised to explode, tick-chvc
This is an easy tripler

dunno what it is

admin said...

Yeah the China Voice Holding Corp (CHVC.PK) stock spam seems to be pretty widespread. There's some belief that if the email seems familiar or written in a familiar tone, it will trick the recipient into believe it was received inadvertently, and that the stock tip is legit. BUT, the stock tip is a stock spam! Often these emails are timed to coincide with press releases --> "PUMP" and then "DUMP". the CHVC.PK email content is ridiculous, but some may have fallen for it.