Monday, August 27, 2007


I received what appears to be a stock pump-and-damp scam email this weekend to my Gmail account, directly to the spam box. Here's the details for: CHINA YOUTV CORP (CYTV.OB)

From: Cary Blackmon //
on: Aug 25 8:57 AM
subject: FWD: ticker news1etter

We called it! CYTV is up BIG on good volume over the last 2 weeks. We
hope you took a position early and are smiling right now. If you didn't,
don't worry.

Get in now .40

An incredible press release is expected out of the company very soon.
This will be backed up by a PR blitz and I'm sure you can guess what will
happen to the price!

Recent News

China YouTV's JV Partner Signed Agreement for a Chinese Provincial Portal's DV Shorts Channel
Tuesday August 21, 12:30 pm ET

China YouTV's CnBoo Web Site Ranks No.1 on
Friday August 17, 11:25 am ET

China YouTV Corp.: Strong Growth Trend in Internet Video in China Continues
Tuesday August 14, 10:54 am ET

China YouTV's CnBoo Web Site Ranks No.1 on Microsoft Live Search Engine
Wednesday August 8, 3:24 pm ET

Get in before this one takes off and ride it all the way to the bank!

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