Monday, August 27, 2007

732 Spams Since August 20 to My Gmail!!!

Okay, to be frank, the volume of spam arriving in my Gmail is getting to be a huge pain. 732 spams now sit in my Gmail spam box, all but a handful of which went directly where they were supposed to. Only a few ended up directly in the Gmail inbox. My Hotmail on the other hand, received just a few spam emails over this period, most of which came during the past 48 hours. Gmail's filters and blocking are doing a good job, but the volume is what is killer. The good news is that not a single legit email slipped into the spam box. I'll let readers know that I do not share my email openly, no chats or groups or anything like that. Time to purge the spam! I'm still trying to get a chance to tinker with Firefox/Mozilla Thunderbird. We'll see.

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