Sunday, May 18, 2014

Important Alert for Monday - Must read (OTCQB: MEDA)

On a quiet Sunday afternoon we have received an "Important Alert for Monday - Must read" email concerning ticker MEDA on the OTCQB. So we are told. Just from that we have the telltale signs of a stock spam campaign. Caveat emptor.

Original message received with the hyperlinks disabled for reader protection.

Undiscovered gems poised for EXPLOSIVE gains

Dear Fellow Investor

Have you ever dreamed of being in at the beginning of red-hot
IPOs such as Google, Facebook or Twitter? Of course you have,
we all do. But very few actually get that chance.
Today that changes!

Our pick of the week is MEDA and let me tell you that we`ve never
been this excited about a company before. This one will 
the Social Media industry like never before.

But dont just take our words for it, watch the video today!
Click Here
Look up MEDA (on the OTCQB) right now. Then be prepared to
take action this Monday. We are convinced that the growth will be
phenomenal for this company!

MEDA has had a 52 week low of .12 cents and is currently trading
at .59 cents with a price target of $3.68. This is a great time to get
in at these levels. You could more than triple.
Do not miss out on this one!

Stay tuned for more updates and THANK YOU for being a loyal subscriber.
Happy Trading


Peter Green
WSG publisher 

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PPS Watch the video right now so you can see why you need to drop everything and jump on this first thing Monday morning.

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