Monday, June 10, 2013

HA_IR. Biostem Corp.: This Company is Break Out!‏ (OTC: HAIR)

Anybody else here from an unsolicited promoter of Biostem? Caveat emptor goes without saying. Biostem US Corp (HAIR) surged 71% (+$0.15 to close at $0.36) today on tremendous volume compared to prior average trading volume. There were probably other pumps, but here is one and hopefully if you're in this it's a momentum play and not with money you can't afford to lose. And who can afford to lose money.

Buy Pick: HA_IR. Biostem Corp. To Grow!!! Buy on Monday. As Stem
Cell Sector Skyrockets In 2013 Biostem US Corp is promoting a hair
growth mechanism generally known as: The Biostem MethodTM. This
procedure incorporates the usage of platelet rich plasma
injections, low level laser application. This mixture has proven
highly effective in fixing hair regrowth in women and men. This is
about to pop this undervalued company as news spreads. Traders who
act promtly would bank huge returns. Our rd shows this stock is
going to lift off. By up to 800%. Leting brokers, who be in how to
rake spectacular earnings. Lately, firm insiders announced
scooping up shares with the companys stock. What makes this big?
Thinking that stock is at all-time lows, this became a good and
thought deal. Outlined by analysts, when firms insiders grab a ton
of stock, the price of that stock flies up yearly a year.
Possibly... Much of Its todays price. A tiny USD 8`000 purchase
would gonna be... USD 10000!!! Purchase HA_IR on Mon, Jun 10th,

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