Sunday, May 5, 2013

Get Real USA (GTRL) in play for Monday: "This stock is still looking attractive!"

Two emails received ahead of tomorrow's market open. Need we even bother to tell readers, caveat emptor.

Get Real USA (OTC: GTRL) surged Friday May 3. Funnily, up $0.0027 or 27.27% according to Google Finance. Closed at $0.0126. That's right, just over a penny and a quarter. 1.35 million shares traded compares to average volume of 192,325. Get Real USA (GTRL) has a $2.27 million market capitalization according to Google Finance.

The pumper (pumpers?) are calling for GTRL to hit between 9 - 13 cents. That would be almost a tenfold gain if GTRL hit 13 cents. That would take its market capitalization to over $20 million. Going to ask our readers to share any information they have in the comments.

The details from both emails received:

1 of 2:
Important Signal - GTR L would urgently hit 13 cent! GTR L has awesome announcements established and when GTR L announce the reports the share value should soar! As its sells very cheap currently, its the good time to buy your 200`000 of GTR L on May 6.

2 of 2:
New Signal - GT_R_L would promptly hit 9 cents. GT_R_L has amazing developments ready and when GT_R_L report the updates the company worth must climb! As its valuated evidently discounted today, its the best thing to buy your 140`000 of GT_R_L on Monday, May 6th 2013!!!


admin said...

Here is one of the subject lines to the GTRL emails. "A 100% Potential Winner Is The Next Step For Our Week"

Max said...

I've been getting lots of these emails about GTRL since the 30th of April, but since the 15th of April I've been getting emails about LBTG, SCXN. Get Real USA acknowledges the campaign and even posts a disclaimer on their website: .