Friday, October 12, 2012

This stock is soaring, still well below cash!‏ Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc (EWRL) (EW RL)

"This stock is soaring, still well below cash!" says the email subject line! It touts an amazing trading session up as high as 26% to $0.12, before closing at $0.104. It appears to be true on the surface but it is a misread by the spammers. Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) has a market capitalization of $6.5 million according to Yahoo! Finance and cash of $11 THOUSAND versus total debt of $70 thousand. The way the numbers appear in Key Statistics for EWRL in Yahoo! Finance, at first glance it looks like there's cash of $11 million. That's does NOT appear to be case upon further review of the page where units of "millions" are denominated accordingly. Also a quick look at the Balance Sheet on Yahoo! Finance doesn't show there being an Cash and Cash Equivalents as of the quarter end June 29, 2012. We will try and do some more research over the next few days before the market opens Monday. Today (Friday) it is absolutely CAVEAT EMPTOR. Be careful out there! Volume spikde to over 510,000 shares yesterday compared to 6,300 on Wednesday and less than 50,000 since Oct. 4. EWRL had volume at or above 1 million shares traded in late September when it reached as high as $0.19 a share.  

Original email:
"This stock is soaring, still well below cash!" 

Dear Friend:

Today was an amazing trading session for EW RL we had a high of 12 cents and 
at the close we are up 26%. If you invested $10k you would now have 
TwelveThousand Six hundred, thats a great return!

Date: Fri, October 12, 2012
OTCBB: Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc
Trade: EW RL
Today Price: .104
Target Price: $0.20
Recommendation: Purchase

PR Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2012 (OTC BB: EW RL) Green Energy Renewable Solutions 
Enters Joint Venture Agreement With eCycling US

Electronic waste is one of the most fastest growing garbadge dilemas 
worldwide. Illegal removal of e-leftovers creates enormous volumes of 
poisonous debris being sent to landfills and leaking into water supplies. 
ECycling US has been formed to tackle these problems within the America, and 
to deliver world class ewaste and whiteware reutilizing. This is a noble 
cause and a huge business plan!

Super Hot Pick EW RL Its estimated to climb to 0.55 price per share. TRADE 
ONLINE and GET 30000 shres. Make easily 200 percent trading. Trading starts 
October, 12th!

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