Friday, February 5, 2010

So-called special report pumps Force Energy Corp. (FORC.OB) (FORC)

This is not the first time that Force Energy Corp. (FORC.OB) (FORC) has hit our radar and probably not the last. We received a pump email (see below) at Windows Live Hotmail on Thursday night. And as recently as last late-October, Force Energy was also the target of a stock pump. The last we reviewed FORC on October 27, it closed at $0.27/share. Here we are about three months later and it's at $0.315/share after losing over 7% on Thursday on lighter volume than compared to recent trading. Force Energy has a market cap of about $14.6 million (46.44M shares outstanding). So yesterday's volume of about 73,000 is a just a drop in the bucket. If you look at a chart of FORC you'll see that after the October email pump FORC went on to trade down towards its 52wk low of between $0.21 and $0.23/share. So while FORC has rallied from its lows, might the risk be another move lower if the email pump is unsuccessful. Be careful out there -- due diligence is a must unless you are a confident momo trader willing to play with fire, or FORC for that matter.

Details of the Force Energy Corp. (FORC.OB) (FORC) email:

"Special report reveals this SmallCap"

Oil & Gas Junior Exploration Allert! February, 2010

Force Energy Corp.
Siymbol: FORC
Traading: $0.315

Force Energy Corp. is an Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Company based in Denver,CO with a focus on Wyoming. Using a geology-based methodology, the US Geological Survey estimate a mean of 2.4 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered natural gasand a mean of 41 million barrels of undiscovered oil in the Wind RiverBasin Province of Wyoming. Force Energy Corp. has acquired 75% working interest in the Diamond Springs Prospect located within this prolific area. The Company's shaares are publicly traaded on the OTCBB under the tiicker siymbol FORC.

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