Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SK3 Group (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) still being touted, target $2.29/share

SK3 Group (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) lost $0.03/share yesterday on higher volume (than the prior two trading days) of 1.1 million shares. SKTO was volatile though, trading between $0.29 and $0.36, to close at $0.33. Thus far in Wednesday morning trading, SKTO has been even more volatile, albeit the latest trade as of around 10 AM was 21% to the upside at $0.40/share. Volume so far is just over 120,000 shares, so one has to assume it will be another inteteresting day of trading. The email touting SK3 Group (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) found its way again into a Windows Live (Hotmail) junk box. The content looks the same as the previous one. SKTO is still being pumped with a target of $2.29/share, a massive gain even above the 20% rise intra-day today at $0.40/share. See the latest SK3 Group (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) email below and track SK3 Group (SKTO) here.

"This is a Gem"

In economic times such as these we are very fond of safe haven
business sectors, remembering that "safe" doesn't have to mean boring!
Some sectors remain lucrative no matter what the climate.
We have a piick for you today that thrives in times like these.

SK3 Group Inc.

Ticker: SKTO

Current Value: $0.33
Tarrget : $2.29

Great Product:

SK3 group is doing the right things at the right time.
Just when companies are looking to cut costs SK3 comes in with an
innovative service which reduces a company's workers'
compensation expenses (a substantial part of any companies budget).

Large Audience:

Oct 28 - Market Timer Analytics Issues Research Report with a $1.79 Target Price for SK3 Group
Oct 28 - Emerging Stock Report Initiates Independent Research Coverage on SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO)
Oct 28 - SK3 Group Featured by Market Timer Analytics
Oct 21 - Globalequityreport Announces an Investment Report Featuring Healthcare Services Company SK3 Group, Inc.

Meaningful News:

Oct 28 - SK3 Group Signs Joint Venture With Chiropractic USA Inc.
Oct 28 - SK3 Group Signs Joint Venture With Premier Medical Group Inc.
Oct 23 - SK3 Group Signs Two Year 19,000 Member Contract With Leading Edge

It's the whole package! More about SK3 Group Inc.

SK3 Group's Nurses On-Line unit is a subscription service for employers
who are seeking pre-screening of workers' compensation injuries by a registered
nurse prior to disposition of medical treatment - first aid, clinical referral, or emergency hospital.
The purpose of this service is to assist employers with managing the ongoing risk
associated with workers' compensation claims and their relationship to premiums and reserves charged by insurance carriers.

deal with this as it comes down We understood the political pressure that was brought to bear

Benjamin Crump an attorney for Andersons parents was in Panama City with the family Tuesday and didnt immediately return APs call for comment
Video: Teen forced to the ground
Videotape of the incident showed Anderson being forced to the ground by various methods

including knees to the thigh pressure points to his ear and punches to his arms

Later another camp staffer hit him from behind lurching his body forward A nurse stood by and on at least one occasion she determined his vital signs were normal
An initial autopsy conducted in nearby Panama City showed that Anderson died a natural death caused by complications of sickle cell trait
But a second autopsy conducted by pathologist Dr Vernard Adams showed the teen was suffocated by guards who were restraining him


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