Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) in Play with Email Targetting $2.29/share

SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) (SKTO.PK), the owner of Nurses On-Line (a subscription service for employers who are seeking pre-screening of workers' compensation injuries) is the target of an email touting the stock with a $2.29/share target. SKTO last traded at $0.36/share yesterday, on lower than recent volume (646,301 shares compared to nearly 1 million the prior two trading days and as many as 2.8 million last Wednesday). The spike in SKTO's volume began on October 19, at 740,523 shares. The month prior to that SKTO was barely traded and on some days did not trade at all. Monday's action was brutal, sending the stock to as low as $0.29/share after opening and trading as high as $0.52/share. On Oct. 23, it traded to $1.01/share, but its 52 week high is $3.25/share.

Details of the SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) (SKTO.PK) below. The email contains telltale signs of classic stock spam, with the addressee of the email being a bloomberg.net address (cedric.araud@bloomberg.net) and the very bottom of the email containing several lines of irrelevant text.

"We know our Company‏"

In economic times such as these we are very fond of safe haven business sectors, remembering that "safe" doesn't have to mean boring! Some sectors remain lucrative no matter what the climate. We have a piick for you today that thrives in times like these.

SK3 Group Inc.

Ticker: SKTO

Current Value: $0.36
Tarrget : $2.29

Great Product:

SK3 group is doing the right things at the right time. Just when companies are looking to cut costs SK3 comes in with an innovative service which reduces a company's workers' compensation expenses (a substantial part of any companies budget).

Large Audience:

Oct 28 - Market Timer Analytics Issues Research Report with a $1.79 Target Price for SK3 Group
Oct 28 - Emerging Stock Report Initiates Independent Research Coverage on SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO)
Oct 28 - SK3 Group Featured by Market Timer Analytics
Oct 21 - Globalequityreport.com Announces an Investment Report Featuring Healthcare Services Company SK3 Group, Inc.

Meaningful News:

Oct 28 - SK3 Group Signs Joint Venture With Chiropractic USA Inc.
Oct 28 - SK3 Group Signs Joint Venture With Premier Medical Group Inc.
Oct 23 - SK3 Group Signs Two Year 19,000 Member Contract With Leading Edge

It's the whole package! More about SK3 Group Inc.

SK3 Group's Nurses On-Line unit is a subscription service for employers who are seeking pre-screening of workers' compensation injuries by a registered nurse prior to disposition of medical treatment - first aid, clinical referral, or emergency hospital.
The purpose of this service is to assist employers with managing the ongoing risk
associated with workers' compensation claims and their relationship to premiums and reserves charged by insurance carriers.

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