Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solanex Management (SLNX) (SLNX.OB) - A Micro-Cap Company Idea

Solanex Management (SLNX) (SLNX.OB) is the target of a stock pump and apparent spam. According to the email received, the Emerging Miccro-Caap Report for Tuesday, September 29th says "We are presenting our loyal readers with a piick that we believe is poised to experience significant traading and shaare value movement as the week rolls through." Take note of the spelling errors throughout the statement.

The email goes on to say that SLNX last traded at $0.45 and has an "End of Year Tarrget: $1.00." That more than a double over the next three months -- annualize that!

Intraday was down 7.78% at $0.41 on volume of 165,118. Yahoo Finance reports a market capitalization of $6.42 million. The day's range for SLNX so far is $0.40 - $0.46. SLNX has a 52wk range of $0.02 to $0.75. SLNX volume today is actually on the light side compared to trading volume over the past week and month. However once the SLNX pump email gets around, the volume is likely to pick up but it is questionable whether it will hit close to one million shares traded like it did on Sept. 10.

Details of the Solanex (SLNX) (SLNX.OB) email. As is typical, irrelevant text accompanies the stock pump at the very bottom.

Solanex's business is the "development, manufacture, distribution, marketing and sales of alternative, renewable and waste energy technologies". We are expecting a significant play this week for Solanex. An extract from their latest news release…

The Board of Solanex Management Inc. (OTC BB:SLNX) announces today that Solanex has expanded the territories for the sub-license in their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for technology leasing rights for sales, marketing and distribution to Pyrolitic Hydrocarbon Gasification System and a Liquid Extraction Systems. The exclusive territories have been enhanced to include the country of Mexico.

The terms and conditions for these rights remain unchanged and this extension allows the Company to explore opportunities for the extensive oil and used tire markets in Mexico, especially at Municipal,State and Federal Government levels. Government agencies throughout Mexico are all very concerned about environmental issues especially as they pertain to used tires in local landfills. The liquid extraction system may well be of interest to the existing petroleum industry in Mexico as it uses a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic solution which separates the oil from its host (i.e. oil sands), but further use will be in a recovery of in ground; old capped/closed oil wells, low producing wells as well as low producing heavy oil deposits where the viscosity is too thick to economically bring the oil to surface.
STAY TUNED and add SLNX to your tickker first thing Tuesday morning...

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Anonymous said...

How are these SPAM emails legal? Why is there not a class action lawsuit against these publicly trade companies for violations of state and federal law with respect to the marketing of securities?

wellesley said...

The emails are illegal. The company doesn't send them out. Pump-and-dump scams are perpetrated by some other shareholder, who hopes by spamming out emails and hooking others into bidding the price up to a certain level, they can profit when they sell off. Chances are they aren't looking to make millions at it, otherwise their trading would catch market regulator attention quite easily.

admin said...


I am the administrator of this site. I would say that Wellesley is mostly right. Unfortunately, there are no doubt cases when a company knowingly is involved in a so-called pump-and-dump scheme, especially when the company is nothing more than a shell, with no viable business. These types of companies are referred to as zombies. Interestingly, it doesn't really matter to traders on the pinksheets, since even if a company is a zombie, if it has high trading volume, then there may be some profits to be made. You'd be surprised to see some of the names providing liquidity to the pink sheets. Do note that not all pink sheets are illegitimate companies. Some companies are truly up and coming, while others are well-known multinational firms such as Nintendo and Nestle.