Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Force Energy Corp (FORC) (FORC.OB) 'Great White Gem' Stock Pump (and Dump?)

This just in early this Tuesday morning (8/11) about Force Energy Corp. (FORC) (FORC.OB):

"Promising PennyCompany Advice
*****GREAT WHITE GEM***** OIL & GAS Smaall Caap Weekly Allert!!!!!

Siymbol: FORC (OTC BB)

Currrent Value: $0.36
52-Weeek High: $1.40
Seector: OIL & GAS
Last week's range : $0.285 - $0.43

After a exhausting search, we believe we have a seriously undervalued smaall caap in Force Energy that traades on the BB.

Since we started covering them, their shaare vaalue has been steadily on the upswing and with their recent announcement of the complete acquisition of the 'Diamond Springs Prospect' in Wyoming we expect a significant rise in shaare vaalue this week.

Check this out...Taken from their latest release..."The Diamond Springs Prospect is a 3,300-acre shallow oil prospect located within the Wind River Basin in Fremont County, Wyoming. Independent 3rd party geologic work has concluded that the three independent but geologically similar prospective locations that comprise the property has the potential for 4.3 million barrels of oil all from depths of less than 1,100 feet".

This is potentially HUGE! Force Energy has entered into an LOI (Letter of Intent) to drill and develop the Diamond Springs Prospect located within the Wind River Basin. If successful, the Northwest segment of the Diamond Springs Prospect alone could yield an estimated return of
approximately $190 Million in gross revenue!

This is clearly serious revenues we are talking about here!!!

PS. We ask our subscribers to pull up the chart on FORC and look at the MASSIVE spike that occurred last Wednesday...50% rise in shaare price in one day... we expect similar results this week as well, so we URGE our invvestors to take advantage of this clear opportunity as markets open tuesday August 11th..."

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Anonymous said...

Just another pump and dump scam. I got a similar spam email