Monday, May 4, 2009

BWI Holdings Inc. (BWIH) (BWIH.OB) Stock 'Opportunity' or Spam

Last Friday, we received an apparent stock spam involving BWI Holdings Inc. (BWIH) (BWIH.OB). BWIH surged on tremendous volume (297,800 shares traded compared to only 6,600 the day prior and none traded the day previous to that) closing at $0.55/share compared to its open at $0.25/share and its previous close at $0.20/share. The spam references the $0.20/share price point and says BWIH has a "Near-Term Tarrget (sic): $0.80" and a "Long-Term Tarrget (sic): $1.75." At the time of posting this blog, the PinkSheets website did not have any warning labels for BWIH, which is atypical for most apparent spams. PinkSheets does show that BWIH is dual quoted on the Pink Sheets and on the OTCBB. Early bid/ask reads on BWIH Monday morning show the best bid at $0.41/share with an ask of $0.57/share. Details of the BWI Holdings Inc. (BWIH) (BWIH.OB) spam below.

"Important Investors Portfolio"

The basics. In this time of uncertainty we can still find Opportunity.
We just have to know where to look. One thing we can be Certain of
is that companies involved in basic daily need-type sectors are going
to continue to do well.

Within this sector we look for those Special Gems which have a Solid
foundation yet are Innovative enough to Sustain Strong Growth.
That is what we bring you this week with BWI Holdings.

BWI Holdings

Syml: BWIH
Value: $0.20
Near-Term Tarrget: $0.80
Long-Term Tarrget: $1.75

The emergence of BWIH has captivated the attention of a wide range of traders.
Next month is expected to be especially good with a well deserved PR drive.

BWI Holdings, Inc. is a waste solutions company providing complete waste and
recycling services to commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, oilfield
and residential clients. With their broad range of innovative services they offer their
customers more value for the dollar. BWIH is currently following its growth through
acquisition strategy with exceptional success.

With regulations throughout North America pressing companies and individuals
to be more vigilant in the way they handle their waste products we see vast opportunity
for expansion of these distinctive services.

The company is confident that extraordinary growth and focus on customer needs
will bring their stockholders outstanding value for the confidence they have placed
in the company.

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