Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tobacco One (TBCO) (TBCO.PK) Spammed Again; Massive Intraday Volatility

Tobacco One (TBCO) (TBCO.PK) continues to be spammed. See details of one of the latest TBCO spams below as of Tuesday afternoon. Intraday Tuesday, TBCO has traded nearly 320,000 shares in a range of $0.12 to $0.20. As of 1:34 it was at $0.125. Track TBCO here.

Tobacco One (TBCO) (TBCO.PK) stock spam:

T-obacco Inc should be added in your watch list. The company shares were increased 50% in the early day tradin g and it ended up at 14% close. This company already started showing off the potential and its been w'atched by the poeple. It ca_n brnig the sales above 240 millon and the company sharehold wil-l go above 1000%. The best T,mie to put
investme"nts in TBCO.

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