Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) Slips Some More, Issues Spam Warning

Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) lost a penny on Monday (6/16) to close at $0.03/share. Volume slimmed to 2.43M but still far more than CYHA had been trading prior to the stock spam campaign.

Also on Monday, Cyberhand announced it completed its Black Widow PRO and issued the following statement:

It has come to the Company's attention that someone may be sending unsolicited promotional emails. We have received a few responses from the recipients that contain poor grammar, misspellings and have even misspelled the Company name. Cyberhand does not now nor ever has used unsolicited emails or faxes to broadcast information to the public. Cyberhand is not now in the process of any market awareness campaign, nor has it ever paid anyone directly or indirectly to publish any forward-looking emails or corporate press releases using unsolicited emails or faxes. Cyberhand has traditionally published all of its corporate information via Marketwire, using its agent Filing Services Canada Inc., to ensure completion of service. Cyberhand neither condones, rewards, nor desires any third party to disburse unsolicited information regardless of its nature on its behalf, to anyone without its permission. Please check our authorized public news releases; they are posted nationwide, for any current or new developments happening within the company.

Track Cyberhand CYHA spam here.

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