Sunday, April 6, 2008

Three Forbes Informer Stocks (MXFD) (TAMO) (LNGE)

As we're recycling some previous issues of Forbes, we're going to post some companies that have made the Forbes "Informer" page. These are all from 2008 with share prices from April 4.

MaxLife Fund Corp. (MXFD) (MXFD.OB) $17.25, Forbes said in late February the stock was up 1,000% to $12.90 for a $390 million market cap (700 times book value)! Forbes adds filings show nil revenues, losses and very few employees.

Tamm Oil & Gas (TAMO) (TAMO.OB)
$2.46, Forbes in mid March said shares were up 23,000% to $2.30 equal to a market cap of $210 million (3,300 times book value)! Again, Forbes notes filings show nil revenue; a going-concern warning and only $74,000 in cash.

Language Enterprises Corp. (LNGE) (LNGE.OB) $2.00, Forbes said in late March the company's stock had risen 15,000% to $1.50 for a market cap of $150 million, but only $325 in stockholder equity! At present it is not clear the stock is even traded anymore and still doesn't have a warning label for Language Enterprises.

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