Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Red Branch Technologies (RBTI) (RBTI.PK) Stock Spam

Red Branch Technologies (RBTI) (RBTI.PK) is the target of a stock spam. Interestingly enough the company's ticker is blacklisted on, that is it is labeled "Caveat Emptor."

RBTI lost 12.50% (a penny) to close at $0.07 on Wednesday. 23,200 shares changed hands, a tad higher than RBTI's 3-month average. RBTI has a 52wk range of $0.06 - $0.45.

RBTI press release from early Wednesday: "Red Branch Technologies' Magellan360 Demonstrates Growing Industry Leadership."

Red Branch Technologies (RBTI) website.

RBTI business description from investor relations page:

RedBranch Technologies, Inc. develops and markets innovative technologies and services, which benefit, aid and support hard-charging travelers by meeting their needs at each point of the travel cycle.

Market capitalization, shares outstanding and authorized and other financial details including share split information (all from May to August 2007) listed on RBTI investor relations page.

Details of Red Branch Technologies (RBTI) (RBTI.PK) stock spam --> "Look at their recent PR's - Red Branch Technologies"

Introducing the company with a unique concept

Red Branch Technologies

Red Branch Technologies, Inc. makes business travel easier, more secure and more responsive for both the hard-charging business traveler and the corporation by meeting travel needs at each point in the travel cycle. The company's innovative my/mTravel(r) and mTravel(r) products automate the business travel process from planning and booking to en route services and support, thru post travel reporting and unused ticket redemption. Red Branch's Magellan360 provides agency and net-delivered back office services to independent professional travel marketers.

The company has real clients and income stream.

Look at their recent PR's

- Red Branch Technologies Teams With DeskPort Technologies to Introduce 60,000 Business Travelers to my/mTravel

- Red Branch Technologies Gives Business Travelers Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Protection With Introduction of IdentiFlyer

- Red Branch Technologies Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Magellan360, Releases Unaudited Financial Performance for 2007; Revenue Up 12 Percent to $22 Million

Do your due diligence on R B T I, and read their conferece call details you'll see why we think this is the undiscovered gem for double digit gains.

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