Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dixie Lee's Downgrade

Dixie Lee Industries International (DLII) (DLII.PK) has been shunned by Only about a week ago there was a Pink Sheets warning, "Stop: No Information," essentially telling potential investors to be aware of the fact the company doesn't publish financials. Early last week Dixie Lee was then labeled: "Caveat Emptor." But, there was still market data on its trading activity. A check today of Dixie Lee (DLII) (DLII.PK) and there's absolutely nothing, a pure and complete downgrade to "Caveat Emptor."

It's not clear DLII spammers were effective in making much, if any, money off the flock of chicken (read spam).

Dixie Lee (DLII) (DLII.PK) lost 1.12% to $0.88 on Friday. On Friday, February 29, DLII closed at $1.17.

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