Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dixie Lee (Chicken): "Put your order in today for a full plate of profits and significant investment appreciation!"

Dixie Lee Industries International (DLII) (DLII.PK) was being pumped, with hype similar to that in the title, back in January in the USA Today business section. The promoter: ("A monthly investor's newsletter.")

Dixie Lee is being pumped again, this time around in email stock spam. See Second Dixie Lee International (DLII) (DLII.PK) Stock Spam on Saturday and Dixie Lee International (DLII) (DLII.PK) Stock Spam, Er... Chicken! (this one has good background info including's warning).

The promotion of Dixie Lee (DLII) (DLII.PK) in the USA Today included some great lines:
"This company has all the right ingredients to become the house favorite in every portfolio."

"DLII is looking to conquer the world's taste buds one new restaurant at a time!"

Some "DLII Market Info":
Price: Under $5.00
10 day AVG volume: 105,000 [est]
O.S. Sharees [est]: 40 M

And this:
Dixie Lee is serving it up with these menu offerings:

Dixie Lee has a sweet share/debt structure, unlike some of this fragmented industry's bloated competitors that are stuffed with extra helpings of debt, and because the Management team is loaded with proven leaders, who know how to cook up mouth watering profits, Dixie Lee doesn't need fancy investment houses to raise capital to get the job done.

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