Monday, December 3, 2007

Triden Telecom (TRTM) (TRTM.PK) New Stock Spam

Triden Telecom (TRTM) (TRTM.PK) stock spam was posted about in mid-November ("Triden Telecom (TRTM) (TRTM.PK) Stock Spam for Monday --> Call Your "Brocker" (sic)"). At the time wasn't displaying any quote/stock related information, but there was a "Stop: No Information" warning label.

Last Thursday, another TRTM stock spam was received.

Checking again shows a "Caveat Emptor" warning now with no quote/stock related information displayed.

Yahoo Finance shows TRTM trading at $0.43 (volume: 5,000) as of 10:19 am USA eastern. On the 18th of November a check of Yahoo showed it had last traded on the 14th of November at $0.44.

Triden Telecom (TRTM) (TRTM.PK) stock spam -->

Look at

Company T ride n Telecom New


_T_.R.[T]/M/ (T,r, Telecom) just added Permanent Technologies with its
Tine-Lok Fastening Technology for high vibration environments.
The amazing addition have to supply a hearty boost to the value of /T/(R)[T]/M/

Succuss for sure

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