Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) Stock Spam for Tuesday

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) was first mentioned Monday. Two oddly formatted GCME spam emails had arrived on Monday. Another GCME spam arrived early Tuesday, but it was nothing like the first two (see contents below).

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) gained 5.55% to close at $0.19 on Monday. 58,335 shares changed hands.

PinkSheets.com is still not showing a warning label for GCME, but it does show that it is dually-quoted (see the previous GCME post linked above for details).

Latest Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) stock spam -->

subject: "Latasha"

[G),C(,M)(,E).OB] will blast for sure
You surely dont want to miss this chance, just go a head and read the news, and act fast before its to late

Read the news about this company which will be on the top.


You cannot really afford to lose this chance, just contact your broker and start trading.

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