Saturday, November 24, 2007

EnerBrite Technologies (ETGU) (ETGU.PK) Acknowledges Spam; Says Co "Receives Waves of International Interest"

Yahoo Finance has two press releases for EnerBrite Technologies (ETGU) (ETGU.PK) from Tuesday Nov. 20th. One PR, "EnerBrite Responds to Spam Attacks," says the company is not associated with the spam campaign against its stock and says the company is sorry about the situation and is working with authorities.

In another PR, "EnerBrite Receives Wave of International Interest," EnerBrite seemingly takes advantage of the attention it has been getting and of the record prices for oil. A full text summary is pasted below.

It seems the negative publicity about the spam campaign could be a positive, or at least was attempted to be spun into a positive situation by the company in conjunction with record oil price levels. However, ETGU's stock lost 25% on Friday and closed at less than half of a penny.

With gas and oil prices skyrocketing, energy conservation has never been more crucial for businesses. So it's not surprising that EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc. (Other OTC:ETGU.PK - News) has received inquiries from countries around the world seeking to partner with the company.

Why has there been such demand? Residential and commercial buildings that use EnerBrite's energy management program boast an average 25% to 35% reduction in energy use. These savings typically result in an annual return of investment in excess of 40%. One of the key components of EnerBrite's program is SensorStat®, a motion based thermostat manufactured by Onity, a United Technologies Corporation company. SensorStat® regulates a room's HVAC system by cutting back on energy use while a room is unoccupied.

"We've been contacted by companies on almost every continent asking to establish strategic partnerships," said EnerBrite President and CEO Edward Herbert. "The international oil market remains unstable, and the dangerous effects of global warming repeatedly demonstrate the consequences of unchecked energy use."

Herbert continued, "Clearly, the success of our energy management program in the U.S. has prompted other countries to find out more about us. We hope to be able to establish new partnerships in at least some of these countries in the near future, so that they may also enjoy the benefits of energy-saving technology."

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