Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday Penny Stock Spam Watch / Update: (FRLE.OB) (DMXC.PK) (SCYF.PK) (WNBD.PK) (CWTE.PK) (MAKU.OB)

Tuesday Penny stock spam intraday summary -->
  • Fearless International (FRLE.OB) unchanged, 0.0%, $0.20, 160,525 volume, at 10:04ET [traded higher at market open]

  • Delta Mining (DMXC.PK) +0.01, +22.22%, $0.05, 258,500 volume, at 10:03ET [was also trading higher at market open]

  • Security Financing Services (SCYF.PK) unchanged 0.00, $0.0110, 21,000 volume, at 9:30ET [was also trading higher at market open]

  • Winning Brands (WNBD.PK) +0.0001, +4.17%, $0.0024, 420,000 volume at 10:00ET [up at open, down, back up again]

  • Makeup.com (MAKU.OB) +0.05, +35.71%, $0.19, 977,600 volume at 10:03ET [upward trend]

  • C'Watre International (CWTE.PK) +0.11, +28.95%, $0.49, 79,214 volume at 10:05ET

Track spam of these stocks -->

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