Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Pump (and Dump?) of Phyiscal Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB)

Phyiscal Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) was spammed heavily over the weekend starting on Friday. Some might remember the "Manhattan Hill Project" related PPYH spam a few weeks back. For details see Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) Stock Spam is Back and the Manhattan Hill Project in Hong Kong.

After receiving 7 PPYH spams over the weekend, there have been three more PPYH spam into Monday morning ahead of the official market open.

Important: Review yesterday's post for details on "Caveat Emptor" warning and PPYH trading information.

PPYH spam subjects: "Whatever you do, make sure you read this!", "I had to tell somebody", "finally a little justice"

Phyiscal Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) spam 1 of 3 -->

Physical Announces It s Next High Profile Target.

Price: $ 0.25

One after another, PPYH continues to move fast on high profit properties. rumors of a huge news release on Monday is stirring investors this weekend. We can see this going wild this week, get on it fast.

Phyiscal Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) spam 2 of 3 -->

PPYH Moves To Be "King Kong" in "Hong Kong".

Physical Property Holdings Inc.

Hong Kong is now Physicals #1 Priority, as they work fast in their new found focus. A number of high profile properties have been purchased and they are negotiating even more. Take this alert seriously. Get your broker on PPYH. This week will deliver great returns.

Phyiscal Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) spam 3 of 3 -->

Moving One the Next Target.

Current Price: $0.25

Adding more high profile properties to its acquisition list is the subject of PPYH's recent release. This one just keeps expanding, and fast. Read the releases and check these guys out. You need to get on this Monday morning, it will move fast this week.

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