Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) Stock Spam Finally Stops

The Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) stock spam campaign seems to have finally come to an end. A 5-day stock chart shows consistent strength at the market open and gradual decline into market close, apparently the result of pump-and-dump stock spam.

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) stock trading range has narrowed to just a few cents a day compared to wider ranges around 10 cents. Volume has declined heavily so far Wednesday. still has a "Caveat Emptor" warning for Fearless Int'l (FRLE) (FRLE.OB).

Track all the Fearless International (FRLE.OB) stock spam here. The FRLE spam had begun in late September.

Important: See this previous post if you haven't already, Weekend Update: Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) Stock Spam, for detail on recent FRLE trading and more.

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