Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Exit Only Inc. (EXTO) (EXTO.PK) Stock Spam from Monday

Exit Only Inc. (EXTO) (EXTO.PK) stock became the target of stock spam on Monday.

Exit Only Inc. (EXTO) (EXTO.PK) was up fractionally on Monday to close at $0.30. EXTO has an annual range of $0.05 - $0.56.

PinkSheets.com has a "Yield: Limited Information" warning label for EXTO. It also lists: http://www.text4cars.com/ as its website.

The often familial subject line --> "What time are you comming home mom?"

Details of the Exit Only Inc. (EXTO) (EXTO.PK) spam -->

Review for Monday Projects

Exit Only Inc. EXTO

You Should Know

- The response from the market during the Canadian release was incredible.
- All expected responses were exceeded with in the first few months of the May release.
- Exit is now expanding the site to enter the US market.
- Market exposure will be huge, as Exit has made partnerships with high volume web-centers for immediate exposure to consumers.
- Sellers now receive lead info to there cell phone ass well, for added convenience and to increase response time.

It is best not to take your eyes of this thing.


admin said...

Another EXTO stock spam found from Monday -->

This Weeks Update

Exit Only Inc. EXTO

The Five Things You Should Consider

- Initial market testing in the Canadian market was met with astounding results.
- The marketing teams projected year end numbers were surpassed 4 months early.
- The site has now expanded its scope to include the US market.
- Market exposure will be huge, as Exit has made partnerships with high volume web-centers for immediate exposure to consumers.
- Lead information is now delivered to the seller via mobile phone

It is best not to take your eyes of this thing.

admin said...

Original EXTO stock spam from Friday for Monday (week of Oct. 22) -->

News From the Day, Oct 18th

Money Matters:

Canadian Success Coming To USA

Exit Only Inc. "exto"

Exit Only first hit the market in Canada back in May of this year.
Web-marketing of used vehicles is not a new concept. Posting of a sellers vehicle to the site without charge is something new to web based vehicle marketing. Those posting there vehicles, either private or dealers, will only pay $2 for each potential buyers information they accept.


- Initially marketed in Canada, response from consumers exceeded all expectations.
- Exit's goals for the year end were met in September of this year, just a few months from launch.
- The US version of the site is now ready to be released to the market.
- Exit has partnering with several high volume web services to provide
fast market exposure.
- Exit is also providing mobile access for sellers. The system will
deliver real-time leads of buyer information directly to their mobile phone.

Duplication of the Canadian results in the much larger US market base
will certainly make this company the next major online player. Review any market data website for more details.

International News:

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York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, appeared in federal court Tuesday on international drug smuggling and distribution charges. The drugs were hidden in luggage on international commercial flights from the Dominican Republic to JFK, the complaint alleges. Once the luggage arrived, it was relocated to a "safe" area, hidden from law enforcement, it says. While the diversion was taking place, the defendants used lookouts to watch for law officers.

News Articles From The US:

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swearing at work can help boost team spirit among staff, allowing them to express better their feelings as well as develop social
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