Monday, October 1, 2007

C'Watre International (CWTE) (CWTE.PK) Spam

This just arrived targeted against C'Watre International (CWTE) (CWTE.PK) -->

CWTE: C'Watre International, Inc
Trade Alert. CWTE just announced trading on the OTC. C WTE has the potential to return 5 times your money with this tight capital structure. This means the stock can see $1.50 when news is realesed. CWTE has a womens line of ageless cosmetics that is overwhelming the celebrity industry. Keep an eye for news to hit the market and create a frenzy in this stock. When investors find out who's using it, the stock could go well beyond our target.

contact your broker NOW for CWTE!

C'Watre International (CWTE) (CWTE.PK) gained 0.01, 2.70% to close at $0.38, on 15,000 shares traded. Annual high $0.38, annual low $0.25. has a "Stop: No Information" label for C'Watre International (CWTE) (CWTE.PK).

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