Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WWNG.PK, ADOV.OB Up 17%, VGPM.PK Down 17%, CHVC.PK Up 1.7%

Here's a mid-day trading update for some of the stock spams we're tracking:

  • WW Energy (WWNG.PK): +0.0040, +16.67%, $0.0280
  • Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK): -0.010, -16.67%, $0.05
  • Andover Medical (ADOV.OB): +0.070, +17.07%, $0.48
  • China Voice Holding (CHVC.PK): +0.0090, +1.70%, $0.5390

Quotes accurate as of 11:03am eastern US. Time of each stocks last trade varies, but not after 11:03am for this post.

WW Energy (WWNG.PK) is trading nearly 5 million shares continuing Tuesday's rally. It dipped at the start but has recovered.

Vega Promotional (VGPM.PK) fell from the start on pretty high volume. There were not enough buyers during all its stock spams to push VGPM.PK higher. Looks like some holders want out now.

Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) and China Voice Holding (CHVC.PK) are only trading less than 2,000 shares and 10,000 shares each.

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