Friday, September 21, 2007

Strange Oncology Med (ONCO.PK) Spam

Here's the latest Oncology Med (ONCO.PK) spam, (see the first ONCO.PK spam) received early Friday before the market open [a first for IP lookup: Marina del Rey, California] -->

from: Nir Jarrell,
subject: kitsuons

R,umor N*e_w s-:
Onc-o logy M,e.d.. I'n c_. (+OTC: O NCO) a C-ancer Tr,e atment So.lut,ions Grou*p is s+a,i d to h+a_v-e
exper i_enced o-v+e r a 1 000% in.cr_ease in reve .nues f,o*r t.h.e fis-cal 3_r-d q uarter e,nding J*u-l'y-,
2'0 0-7 c+ompa_red w-i+t*h t'h.e pr ior y+e,a,r wh,ile fisc*al fo,urth qua+rter re.sults f,o-r 2-0.0 7 a*r_e on
t rack to exce+ed t.h*i*s year’+s thir-d qu*arter result.s.
O-N.C O addition.all'y pl*ans to serv*ice off'er ings whic_h a_r_e cur-rentl.y underwa*_y.
Don’,t w-a-i*t f,o*r t*h+e n'e_w+s to c_o+m e o*u t a-n,d l.o_s e t'h e oppor t-unity to g+e*t in fron_t of the
genera,l investin*,g pu,blic. On+c.ology M+e,d is in a mul-tibillio n dolla_r in'dus_try w h e+r+e
t_h_e-y a+r'e gai_ning mar-ket sh are
C a_l l y o*u,r n*o'w f,o r O-N,C.O_.

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