Sunday, September 23, 2007

Score One (SREA) (SREA.OB) Spammed Yet Again Late Sunday

The scam campaign against Score One (SREA) (SREA.OB) has been keeping busy over the weekend. There were three SREA spams on Saturday, three more SREA spams as of the latest post on spam-list on Sunday and now another one as of 9:35pm eastern USA.

Details of the latest Score One (SREA) (SREA.OB) stock spam -->

subject: Market Watcher Notification

Watch Out Monday Big Announcement Expected

Current: $0.1

Share prices go crazy every time there is news. Get on SREA before news
hits the street on Monday.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stock Pick Forums are spammers themselves. Out of nothing they started sending email and there's no unsubscribe option anywhere. Also they don't give any real advise in the emails, they only tell you that you really really really need to buy their tools. Believe me, you don't. Don't go there, and don't buy their tools.