Wednesday, September 26, 2007

QPC Lasers (QPCI) (QPCI.OB) Target of Stock Spam Again

QPC Lasers (QPCI) (QPCI.OB) was the target of a stock spam on September 19.

The website doesn't have a warning label for QPCI.

QPCI gained $0.04, 5.97% to close at $0.71 on Wednesday. QPCI lost 4.10% to close at $0.70 on September 18.

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Wall Street Reporting Sets $1.35 Target price for QPC Lasers on technicaL BOUNCE....Wall Street Reporting Sets $1.35 Target price for QPC Lasers on technicaL BOUNCE

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QPC Ships 100 Watt Laser to U.S. Medical Customer for Surgical Application
Initial ''Gen III'' Laser Shipment Marks Major Company Milestone
and Opens Significant New Market Opportunities

SYLMAR, Calif., Sep 26, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

QPC Lasers, Inc. (OTCBB:QPCI) "QPC," a world leader in the development and commercialization of high-brightness, high-power semiconductor lasers for the industrial, defense, and medical markets, today announced that it has shipped its first 100-watt Generation III semiconductor laser to a medical customer in the U.S. for a surgical application. The 100-watt laser is the first in the highly anticipated Generation III product family and represents a major milestone for the Company.

"The initial shipment of our 100-watt BrightLase(R) laser marks the inauguration of our Generation III product line, which we believe could potentially revolutionize the existing multibillion dollar solid state and gas laser market by enabling the replacement of conventional laser technology with our more efficient, rugged, and cost effective semiconductor based solutions," said QPC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeffrey Ungar. "These Gen III lasers provide more than twice the power than our Gen I and Gen II products, while offering reduced size, weight and cost compared to traditional laser technology. We look forward to continuing the roll out of higher-powered additions to this product line and anticipate growth in the medical, defense, and industrial markets for these Gen III products in 2008," Dr. Ungar concluded.

The 100 watt Generation III laser is ideal for surgical laser applications such as urology or cardiology that require high-power laser beams to be delivered with high-brightness in small diameter optical fiber in order to reach locations inside the body in a minimally invasive fashion. QPC's BrightLase(R) semiconductor lasers offer a compact, reduced cost solution with wavelength flexibility, offering medical customers the ability to accelerate their return on investment while optimizing treatment wavelengths. Traditionally, higher-cost, multi-stage lasers such as lamp-pumped or diode-pumped systems have been used for these applications.

Defense applications of the Gen III product family include laser engines for widely deployable directed energy weapons based on direct diode or fiber lasers technology. Additionally, Gen III products are being designed for high power industrial applications, including materials processing, welding, marking, and engraving.

QPC's Gen III products utilize QPC's proprietary BrightLase(R) semiconductor laser technology which offers unparalleled brightness, color purity, and ruggedness while simultaneously offering significant reductions in size, cost, weight, and power consumption. These exceptionally efficient high-power output lasers minimize the waste energy in the form of heat and therefore minimize costs associated with electricity and cooling systems. QPC offers BrightLase(R) lasers at application specific wavelengths including 795, 808, 976, 1064, 1320, 1380, 1470, and 1532 nm and with fiber output diameters from 100 micron to 400 micron. For more information, see

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About QPC Lasers, Inc.

QPC Lasers, Inc. ( is a world leader in the development and commercialization of high-brightness, high-power semiconductor lasers for the defense, homeland security, industrial, and medical markets. Founded in the year 2000, QPC is vertically integrated from epitaxy through packaging and performs all critical fabrication processes at its state-of-the-art high-technology facility in the Los Angeles suburb of Sylmar, CA. QPC is a publicly traded U.S. company (OTCBB:QPCI) and is ISO certified.


Tony said...

Hi, I love your blog, very helpful.

Do you have any suggestions on how to actually get an email address added to the lists the spammers use for their pump and dump schemes? I'd like to track these stocks for myself.

admin said...

Thanks, Tony! You might try and other stock tip providers, usually in the form of newsletters and mainly for penny stocks. Usually you need to provide an email address to use their services. Also Maybe try posting comments using the email address where you want to be spammed. This tactic will expose your email to the bots that search for email addresses to spam.