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Pluris Energy Group (PEYG) (PEYG.OB) Spam Late Friday

An email said to be from Pluris Energy Group Inc.,, arrived late Friday [an apparent pump and dump of Pluris Energy Group (PEYG) (PEYG.OB). The email subject is: "ALERT: PLURIS ENERGY FEATURED IN EMERGING GROWTH STOCKS NEWSLETTER." The first line of the email says:


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It seems rather clear this email is a pump-and-dump stock spam based on the all-caps subject line (see above) and the hyperlink to the company's website is a redirect that does not load. All the hyperlinks are redirects. I have not included them below in case they can some how be malicious. The stock newsletter touting this stock obviously appears to be based in Canada. shows Pluris Energy Group (PEYG) (PEYG.OB) lost 4.76% on Friday to close at $0.40. Pluris Energy Group has an annual high of $1.15 and a low of $0.255. There is no warning label for Pluris on as we've seen with other stock spams.

Email body:

EGSNEWS Alert – September 19, 2007
Interim Issue Pick - PEYG

Pluris Energy Group Inc.
Emerging Argentina energy play

Shares Issued: 26 M F.D.
52-Wk. H.-L.: $1.15 - $0.25
Price Sept. 19, 2007: $0.35

There are precious few ways to play the lucrative Argentina oil & gas sector, the model being highly successful Petrolifera PDP.TSX $15.00. PEYG is one of them; an early stage, low cost, albeit somewhat speculative, but relatively moderate risk/high potential return way to gain exposure to the highly prolific Argentina energy sector.

On August 18, 2006 the company announced the rights to acquire a substantial producer (1,000 bbl/d) encompassing over 250,000 acres with reserves of 49 million mmboe and a strong growth profile. Terms of the deal remain to be disclosed, but a $65 Million bond is in place to fund the purchase. Closing this would deliver the kinds of cash flow that would justify a significantly higher stock price for PEYG since they plan to do this with a minimum share dilution.

However - injunctions by two joint venture partners of the potential acquisition (San Enrique Petrolera) have delayed the closing. While management is confident the deal will eventually proceed the lack of certainty and time delay has allowed the stock to drift down near its 52-week low.

Meanwhile, the company has publicly stated they are also looking at several other deals, any of which I take it, could close sooner than San Enrique. Details are sketchier but considering the company’s mandate and the magnitude of San Enrique, I am guessing they are also substantial.

In addition to oil and gas, the company is also looking at alternative energy/biomass situations. The stock has formed a long triple bottom and is poised to move upon the closing of their deal(s). For further information contact Louis Fruchier at 281-383-9403 or visit

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