Friday, September 21, 2007

New Friendly Energy (FDEG.PK) Stock Spam

Friendly Energy (FDEG.PK) stock spam strikes again before Friday's market open. Previous FDEG.PK spams were on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The FDEG.PK spam is still the same ridiculous format. Not sure who would fall for this -->

from: Mike Cartwright,
[btw, the email prefix seems to refer to a DJ Tiesto song??? (try this YouTube clip]

subject: )!-+.:+.:+[!-!- (- .)(:!

Sy[m b[oool F(D:E G
Price 0.04
T t 0.12

Friendly Energy (FDEG.PK) was basically flat on Thursday, closing at $0.039. Volume was over 429,000 shares traded.

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admin said...

An IP lookup of this FDEG.PK spam shows another Amsterdam, The Netherlands origination.