Friday, September 28, 2007

New Delta Mining Spam (DMXC) (DMXC.PK)

This New Delta Mining Spam (DMXC) (DMXC.PK) just arrived 10 minutes before Friday's market open [it has a similar style but different subject line and the content in this one is differed, see DMXC spam trail here] -->

subject: setshcuf

Mini ng Secto_r -*-*- D elta Mi*ning UPDA.TE

H O+T SECTO,R: Addition.a,l infor*mat+ion on (O-_T_C: DMXC') D'M'X'C is e.xpecte d to arr,ive s*o'o n,.
F+o-r tho*se of y'o,u w_h o cu,rren*tly o-w n t_h+i,s compan_y t.h i,s w.i*l.l be g+reat n,e,w s+.
F_o'r tho_se t'h,a_t d,on't curren+t'ly o*w_n t_h+i,s com'p,any, y.o+u n_e e'd to g,e t in on t.h+i-s n*o'w,.

T'h'e compa+ny r-ecen,tly t raded as h-i.g.h as . 1,3 a.n+d w*i+t_h a'n+y sign.ifi-cant n+e_w's sho*uld be a-b*l e

to s,e,e (*i-f n*o_t exce-ed) t*hose pr'ices a+gain. Conta.ct y.o*u_r brok*er n_o*w_, don,'t m,i+s+s t+h+i-s

opportuni,.ty in D_M_X*C+!

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