Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Security Financing Services (SCYF) (SCYF.PK)

Playing catch up, here's the first First Security Financing Services (SCYF) (SCYF.PK) spam, which arrived late Tuesday.

subject: SCYF

Rumor News: SCYF.PK
Receives $2M Offer to Sell Alarm Monitoring Contracts!

Security Financing Services, Inc. provider of sophisticated, IP and physical
security convergence solutions, has received a right to sell 2,000 security
ccounts held by Sweetwater Security Systems.

Offer, from a Fortune 100-funded company, provides for the sale of up
to 2,000 accounts and values at more than $2 million.

Cur: $0.01
Projected: $0.09
Agressive Buy/hold

This is a quick 300 %-500 % flip if purchased now in front of the general investing public.
Don't wait for the news and lose a chance to get in.
Contact your broker for SCYF.PK on Wed Sep 26!

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