Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Security Financing Services (SCYF) (SCYF.PK)

Security Financing Services (SCYF) (SCYF.PK) was targeted again with a stock spam pumping SCYF for Monday's market open.

As stated earlier SCYF was first spammed on Wednesday and again yesterday - follow SCYF.PK spam trail here.

Latest Security Financing Services (SCYF) (SCYF.PK) spam details -->

subject: Myron sent you a personal message

SCYF Wins Huge Contract For 1 Million Dollars!

Security Financing Services Inc.

Huge new break today as Alabama State awards its million dollar security contract to SCYF.

This is going give share prices a huge jump.

Don’t miss out on this one and grab SCYF first thing Monday morning.

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