Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's Pump-and-dump Email Stock Scam: ERMX.OB [EntreMetrix Corp]

I've received two emails to my Gmail spam box in the past 4 hours (now 9:25 AM Eastern) about this stock:

the lastest one from: (7:30am)

ERMX Goes through Roof. UP 33.33%

EntreMetrix Inc.
$0.08 UP 33.33%

ERMX rocks market. Big news is now expected for Friday. News will make
this go through the roof. Don't forget to grab ERMX Friday morning.

The first one:

from: (4:30am)

This rocket is climbing hard!

EntreMetrix Inc.
E R M X . O B
$0.08 UP 33.33%

Investors jump all over ERMX. Company pushes back news release to
Friday. Shares will soar after news hits. Friday morning, set your buy
for ERMX.

Be careful out there! No time for details or further investigation now. IF you buy, you probably want out ASAP, that is, if you can unload your shares!


Daytrader said...

All these spam pump and dumps seem to be coming from the same person. Very
similar style.

admin said...

You're right, strikingly similar format, for both the same stock, like EntreMetrix Crop (ERMX.OB) and others like Vega Promotional (VGPM.PK). My assumption is they are originating from outside of the U.S.