Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Post of Spam in My Gmail ... a Partial List

Gmail's spam filter works pretty well at blocking spam from reaching my email inbox, but it's not perfect. I am bombarded daily with anywhere from 25 to more than 100 spam emails in my spam box. What's worrisome is that a legit email can, and sometimes does, end up tagged as spam. Less bothersome, but increasingly annoying, is the spam that somehow gets past the spam filter and blocker and arrives in the inbox. These tend to be the same ones, or similar ones over and ever, even though they've subsequently been manually tagged as spam.

At any rate, here's a partial list of spam I've received today by email name and subject and other details as time or necessity permits. The "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" means there's reference to my identity, which I've masked. And I will make "bold" any references to sex, PayPal and eBay, which seem to be the most common types of spam email. Also notice the amount of greeting card spam these days [for now I'll boldface these as well].

  • ‎Regular Account Maintenance - PayPal Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx, We are currently performing regular maintenance of our … 10:51 pm
  • NetFunCards.Com ‎Family member sent you a greeting ecard from NetFunCards.Com! - Family member has created a greeting ecard for you at NetFunCards.Com, the Internet's most … 10:13 pm
  • Mable Ray. ‎Its Mable here, we should catch up soon. - the medical team, Dr. Leo Massopust, neurophysiologist: "The brain activityCan We Let You In … [sizjraualo.jpeg] 9:59 pm
  • Frieda Jolly ‎For: xxxxxxxxxx - Topsellers: Microsoft Windows Vista Business $299.00 price: $79.95 Microsoft Windows XP … 9:43 pm
  • Juana Dewitt ‎Re:COPY PROTECTION - Have you ever wished for a costly Watch? We have the piece for you! We stock all the high scale … 9:17 pm
  • [This one is for a "penis enlarge patch rx," with a picture attached.] Elijah Campbell ‎She will love you more than any other guy - Shed taken him to heaven. She God help her, she was never go Still, he did seem to like wha … [img48.jpg] 8:29 pm
  • Preston F. Powers ‎My new guy's member is enormous, and my mouth is tiny. - Ladies always srieked at me and even blokes did in the not private WC! Well, now I smil at them … 8:09 pm
  • Israel T. Moss ‎I just started having sex, and my boyfriend keeps popping out when we do it. - Girls always srieked at me and even fellows did in the public toilet! Well, now I sriek at them … 7:39 pm
  • assist signals ‎Re: - slower rarely :. became dominant afforded creating needs quickly correctly busy possible. filled … [bgimg.gif] 7:30 pm

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