Monday, October 1, 2007

Delta Mining DM XC, D-M-X-C (DMXC) (DMXC.PK) Press Release

After being the target of a stock spam campaign all weekend, Delta Mining and Exploration (DMXC) (DMXC.PK) released a press release, which the spammers must have been knowledgeable of, explaining the pump-and-dump style spam. (Track DMXC.PK spam here).

Details of Delta Mining and Exploration's press release on Market Wire -->

Delta Mining and Exploration Corporate Update
Monday October 1, 9:30 am ET

MISSOULA, MT--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 1, 2007 -- Continuing the corporate policy of keeping investors posted of current activity, Delta Mining and Exploration (Other OTC:DMXC.PK - News) along with CEO Brett Rodli would like to issue the following update.

The company has received additional funding per its agreement. As a result Delta has been able to settle its remaining outstanding debt. At the current rate, Delta will receive the full allotment of its funding agreement a lot sooner then expected, with the remaining funds being set aside for Phase 3 Exploration.

With regards to Phase 3 -- unfortunately due to poor weather conditions in Montana during the month of September, the work schedule had to be delayed a few weeks. The original plan was to have Apex commence work some time this past month, but due to very dry weather, that had to be slightly delayed. The area around the Grassrange properties was overly dry due to the summer heat wave which resulted in a serious fire threat. Fortunately that has changed due to cooling temperatures and a good amount of rain, and therefore alleviating the dangerous condition.

This in no way dampens the mood or the plans of the company as details of the work program have been finalized and work will begin in a relatively short period of time -- an exact date will be announced. Delta is expecting a very eventful and busy fall/winter season as it looks forward to discovering what it possess on its properties.

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