Monday, September 24, 2007

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) Gets 'Caveat Emptor' Warning from

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) now has a "Caveat Emptor" warning on its ticker quote page on

When the first PPYH spam arrived on Saturday, it did not have any warning on At that time we said:

"WARNING: Although the website doesn't have a warning label for Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB), it probably should, since its shares have not traded since September 4th when they closed at $0.25. PPYH has an annual high of $0.30 and a low of $0.15. PPYH appears to have operations in Hong Kong, but is incorporated in Delaware state, USA."

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) skyrocketed 120% to close at $0.55 on Monday, but volume seems light at less than 144,000 shares trading hands. See an intra-day up date when PPYH was skyrocketing 320% at $1.05.

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